Reserved to: Executives, policy and decision makers, highly qualified professionals

Limited to: 20 admitted per year

Modalities: fully online

Language: English

Doctorate Joint High level Council: Prof. Maria Chiara Malaguti, President of UNIDROIT, is the President of this joint Doctorate and she will chair the joint high-level council composed by experts selected by UPEACE – GIOYA and its partners: Shanghai Arbitration Commission, UNIDROIT Academy, University of Torino, ICES

Ceremony: Opening at UN in Geneva – Closing in Malta

Duration: 3 years

Recognition: the Joint Degree has been accredited by UN University of Peace and therefore by virtue of the authority granted by the United Nations General Assembly. Through GIOYA Hei it has been requested the recognition from Malta Authority for Further and Higher Education (MFHEA) which will add European Validity to the Degree (EQF 8).

Pending open registration: The registration to the Doctorate will be open only once the authorisation from MFHEA will be released (currently is under the accreditation process*). The opening is expected for the first part of 2024.

Attach your CV (Allowed file types: PDF | Max file size: 5Mb)

* ACCREDITATION PENDING Kindly be informed that this programme is undergoing “accreditation from the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA).Should you wish to express your interest to register for this educational programme you are kindly requested to contact us on or A student agreement inclusive of payment of registration and tuition fees shall only be signed upon approval of accreditation of this educational programme, by the MFHEA.*Accreditation is a form of certification in which the MFHEA will verify that an academic or vocational programme meets minimum academic and vocational standards. Accreditation ensures that the qualification a student works so hard to obtain meets quality standards, and that it wil be recognized as such by other educational institutions and employers.The decisive stage of accreditation is the mapping of the programme to the Malta Qualifications Framework (MOF and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) – further information on the MHEA and the MQF/EQF may be obtained from