Reserved to: Executives, policy and decision makers, highly qualified professionals

Limited to: 50 Max Admitted per Year

Modalities: fully online

Language: English

Doctorate Joint High level Council: Prof. Maria Chiara Malaguti, President of UNIDROIT, is the President of this joint Doctorate and she will chair the joint high-level council composed by experts selected by UPEACE – GIOYA and its partners: Shanghai Arbitration Commission, UNIDROIT Academy, University of Torino, ICES

Ceremony: Opening at UN in Geneva – Closing in Malta

Duration: 3 years

Recognition: The Joint Degree has been accredited by both the UN University for Peace and GIOYA Higher Education Institution (licensed by the Malta Authority for Further and Higher Education). This accreditation provides the Doctorate with Level 8 recognition on the European Quality Framework, thereby adding European validity to the Degree.

Registrations are open: The registrations are open from the 26th of April 2024, they
will remain open until the limit of 50 candidates selected is reached the first year.

Admission requirements: A joint selection committee will assess the professional and academic profile of the candidate, as well as their motivation and research proposal.

Candidates without a Level 7 qualification (EQF), but with the necessary academic and research skills for Level 8 study, can be admitted to the Executive Doctorate joint program through a pre-doctorate course.

The Joint high level Council for the Executive Doctorate met in Malta in April 2024
The Joint high level Council for the Executive Doctorate met in Malta in April 2024
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