Reinforcing Peace, Human Rights and Development

In partnership with:

The University for Peace (UPEACE) and Gioya HEI, in partnership with the King Hamad Global Center for Peaceful Coexistence (KHGC) launches the first ever “Postgraduate Diploma on Peaceful Coexistence: Reinforcing Peace, Human Rights and Development”.

UPEACE, Gioya HEI and KHGC share common goals aimed at achieving global peace, creating a safe future by developing knowledge and skills and organizing targeted training to raise awareness and improve all education-related programs and initiatives in the fields of human rights, international law, commercial diplomacy and peaceful coexistence. Therefore, these entities strive to achieve these goals through the implementation of joint programs for employees in the diplomatic field and governmental bodies on a national and regional levels.

The program is accredited by UPEACE as well as by Gioya HEI as a joint Postgraduate Diploma through the Commercial Diplomacy module. The KHGC, in addition to contributing to funding scholarships, will support the program boosting international visibility.

Target audience: employees in the diplomatic field and governmental bodies on a national and regional levels.

Limited to: 50 Max Admitted per Year

Fees: Full sponsorship offered by KHGC

Modalities: fully online

Language: English (B2 level required)

Ceremony: the Joint post graduate Diploma will be launched in a forthcoming high level ceremony in Manama

Duration: 6 months

Recognition: The Joint Degree has been accredited by both the UN University for Peace and GIOYA Higher Education Institution (licensed by the Malta Authority for Further and Higher Education). This accreditation provides the Postgraduate Diploma with 20 University for Peace Credits and, at the same time 60 ECTS, MQF level 7 (Level 7 recognition on the European Quality Framework), thereby adding European validity to the Diploma.

Registrations are open: The registrations are open from the 17th of June 2024 and they will remain open until the limit of 50 candidates selected is reached the first year.

Admission requirements: All applicants applying for the Postgraduate Diploma must have an undergraduate degree (B.A., B.S. or an equivalent degree) and should also demonstrate a commitment to working towards positive social change and advancing peace and some work experience in the field.

Applicants should demonstrate a willingness to advancing diplomatic initiatives in their countries.

Structure of Programme:

Total Duration is 6 months.

A) 3 months: 11 modules to be studied

  • Approach to peaceful coexistence and case studies: Malaga (Spain) and Kigali (Rwanda)
  • The impact of peaceful coexistence on international peace and security
  • The prohibition of hate speech
  • Xenophobia and racism
  • Intercultural & interreligious dialogue
  • The contemporary challenges of multilateralism
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Fundamental elements of international law
  • Commercial diplomacy
  • The role of women in peaceful coexistence
  • The Kingdom of Bahrain’s model in terms of peaceful coexistence

B) 3 months can be fulfilled through:

  • Thesis Track
  • Internship Track
  • Capstone Track

“The Kingdom of Bahrain, under the leadership of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and with the firm support of HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, is profoundly committed to investing in education especially among young people to achieve a greater good by creating programs and initiatives in the fields of peaceful coexistence, human rights, religious freedom and international law.” “The Kingdom is a leader in advancing the noble values of peaceful coexistence for the sake of universal solidarity and partnerships to ensure an end to all kinds of conflicts and to achieve an everlasting peace”

“At a time of deep division and global mistrust, fostering values and practices that promote human dignity, peaceful coexistence, and solidarity is more important than ever. I trust that the Joint Postgraduate Diploma on “Peaceful Coexistence: Reinforcing peace and security, human rights and development” by the University for Peace and the Gioya Higher Education Institution, in partnership with the King Hamad Global Center for Peaceful Coexistence, will foster innovative ideas for a renewed multilateralism to rebuild trust, heal divisions, and place humanity on the path to much-needed peace.”

“Many of the world's biggest challenges are made worse because of violent conflict rooted in a refusal to see the humanity in another person or a group of people. By building bridges between cultures and communities, we can create a world of greater peaceful coexistence, and greater stability and prosperity for all.”

"Education plays a crucial role, helping to build a culture of peace and promoting dialogue and mutual understanding. Training and educating to achieve sustainable peace is to promote multilateralism, shared co-responsabilities, mutual understanding, gender equity and inclusion. These values are ingrained in our new Diploma on Peaceful Coexistence which has been launched with Gioya Higher Education Institution and the King Hamad Global Center on Peaceful Coexistence"

“We need to learn to live together, to understand each other and work together to create peace and prosperity that are still denied to millions of people. Living on our planet free from fear and want is still a distant dream for millions of people. Creating wealth in dignity helps to bring about peaceful co-existence. The alternative is military escalation leading to no existence.”